Why your property management records should be online

Computers are here to stay, there’s no doubt about it. The days of wasting hours and hours every week in doing the books are long gone! Just like your banking, business management software has moved online, bringing with it dramatic efficiency gains for landlords and property managers.

With your bank transaction data flowing automatically into your online property management software, you’ll save hours of data processing every week. You’ll be surprised at just how much time you’ll save! So much in fact that you’ll wish that you threw out your dusty … and dirty desktop accounting files years ago

But don’t take just take my word for it, let’s take a good look into why should you throw out your old receipt books and move your property management to the cloud.

Put simply, with your accounting records available to you any time, with automatic transactions and data connections, your business will be much simpler to manage and it will operate faster, and smarter than ever before!

Online systems are secure

Storing your information in the cloud is actually one of the most secure places to put it. Why? Because if you lose your files or your laptop is stolen, someone can take your data stored on your hard drive, but they won’t have access to your cloud account unless they know your password.

And in the event of a fire or your office being destroyed, you can rest assured your accounts are still safe in the cloud. If you trust mobile banking enough to use it, then why wouldn’t you trust a cloud accounting solution, as the security measures in place are similar.

Visibility and real-time information to make decisions

By moving your accounting records online, you’ll have greater flexibility to manage your properties, understand your financial position and make changes, decisions, anywhere, anytime! Because your information is online you can get help when you need and landlord and agents can collaborate better to resolve issues in real-time.

No more backups, installations or updates

Let us do all the heavy lifting. It’s always online, and it never needs to be updated. Your online accounting software provider will automatically update and backup your software for you. There’s also no need to worry about server failures or hardware faults. Kodisher has back-up systems and redundancies in place to ensure everything stays online and runs smoothly.

Save money and save time

When you consider the hidden costs of managing your business using slow, inefficient files, books and desktop accounting applications  that require every transaction to be entered manually, running your business online just makes so much sense.

With online software, you’ll also be able to improve your cashflow. Kodisher is cheaper to use and saves you money! Pay only for what you need and upgrade anytime

And then there’s the question of your time! Just how valuable is it? Our clients regularly experience time savings of between 10-12 hours of admin time each week, just simply by moving to an online accounting solution. Just think what you could do with that much extra time every week!

Still operating dusty files and clunky software? If so, what’s holding you back? Unless you like working twice as hard as you need to, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make the switch. Contact us to get started today!

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