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property management staff user permissions
property management staff user permissions categories

Kodisher understands the team dynamics of property management. We work hard to make sure that our platform works as well for individual landlords as it does for large management agencies. We have therefore built an elaborate permissions management tool that allows you to perfectly tune who can do and view what on the system.

Here is how to manage extra accounts on Kodisher

  1. log in to your Kodisher account.
  2. Click on ‘Users’ on the left menu
  3. This page lists the users you have added to your account
  4. Click on ‘Add user’ to add a new user and enter their details
  5. You can can send the details directly to the user by checking the checkbox at the bottom
  6. When you save, the system takes you back to the users page where you can see all the users on your profile
  7. Click the name of the user you want to edit.
  8. A new page opens that shoew you the list of user permissions available. (The page also has recommendations on approprite permissions for agents, landlords and caretakers)
  9. Click the edit button at the bottom
  10. Check the appropriate boxes to grant permissions
  11. Save

The user now has  the permissions you have granted them. You can add and revoke permissions for your users at any time.

You can filter permissions according to tasks and apply them to different properties.

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