A how-to guide on collecting rent with Safaricom’s Mpesa Paybill and Kodisher PMS

Kodisher Solutions ltd is glad to announce that its property management system is now fully integrated with Mpesa Paybill. Our innovative property management product makes it easy and convenient for landlords and property agents to collect rent and manage tenant accounts effectively through our integration with Safaricom’s  M-pesa platform API. Tenants do not have to queue in banks to deposit money to your account. Our rent collection software is as easy on the tenant as it is on you! They only need a mobile phone and it takes a few minutes.

Any of M-pesa’s 21 million subscribers can now use m-pesa to pay and receive rent and have those transactions managed efficiently through our property management platform.  Hopefully, this will make lives easier for tenants who no longer have to send family members and caretakers to the bank or knock on doors. It will also be a boon for landlords who can save the many hours (sometimes days) reconciling deposit slips, debts and other charges.

MPESA payment workflow from tenant to landlord with kodisher reconciliation
MPESA payment workflow from tenant to landlord with kodisher reconciliation

Out rent collection system can automate the entire rent collection and receipting process.

Once set up, this has the simplest rent payment process.

  1. Tenant pays rent via mpesa
  2. Kodisher system is updated automatically by Mpesa API
  3. Kodisher sends receipt to tenant via SMS or email
  4. Kodisher notifies property manager or landlord that funds have been received

Of course, they money goes directly to Your Safaricom Paybill or bank account. A detailed collections report is sent to the property manager with every remittance. Tenants who delay payments are also politely reminded via SMS. Whenever you log into Kodisher, you see accounts in realtime and can do what needs to be done immediately.

If you still want a mix of some payments coming in through other methods link cheque, EFT, RTGS etc it is also possible. Property managers who want to maintain direct cash and bank collections which they can later add to the Kodisher platform. Kodisher has extensive cash handling processes that can help your agency monitor the monies it collects to the last coin and integrates with expense payments and reporting to landlords.

This is what you will need to do to collect rent via M-pesa on Kodisher

  1. First, you need to create an account on kodisher’s online platform at https://kodisher.com
  2. The system will ask for your details and then save them. You will receive an email confirmation that your account is live.
  3. After that, you can log into Kodisher to load your properties and units. You will also need to upload tenants and the leases you have signed with them
  4. Step three above can also be fulfilled manually or automatically via the details on this page on the rent management platform: “Tenant Accounts” > “Active leases” (log in required). Kodisher will automatically assign a unique HouseID to every unit
  5. Kodisher will review your request and set you up with your paybill. If necessary your account manager will reach out to you for more information.
  6. Once set up, your tenants cans start using the m-pesa to pay you rent.

The process takes between 1-2 days to set up.

After the account is created, a property manager can log in to Https://kodisher.com at anytime to see collections in real time. Alternatively they can receive rent payment notifications on SMS to their numbes.  The paybill collections work smoothly with tenant accounts and the property manager is able to see at any time who has paid how much, what accounts are outstanding, total money in their paybill etc. Property managers who collect rents on behalf of landlords can also use the system to remit collections to landlords directly and calculate their commissions.

How tenants will interact with the platform

  1. Tenant loads M-Pesa > Lipa na M-Pesa > Paybill > 000000(Your paybill number) > Account no. HouseID> Amount > Send > Enter Pin Number *
  2. Tenant receives Notification from M-Pesa
  3. Tenant receives notification from Kodisher
  4. Rent receipt generated by Kodisher and sent on email to the tenant
kodisher mpesa confirmation message
kodisher mpesa confirmation message – Because we use your paybill, tenant can verify the name of the property manager in this message

 How the rent payment process works

  • HouseID : Kodisher will assign a unique number for each unit
  • Kodisher can configure your paybill accounts not to accept money without an ‘HouseID’ to eliminate errors
  • Kodisher system is updated automatically by Mpesa API and updates the tenant account with new payment
  • Tenant receives notification from Kodisher. This message refers to them by name (as per the lease) and acknowledges receipt of the amount paid and requests payement of the amount outstanding
  • Rent receipt generated by Kodisher and sent on email to the tenant – it is also retained in the system and can be resent at a later date
mpesa message from Kodisher to the tenant
mpesa message from Kodisher to the tenant confirming receipt amount and outstanding balance

On the manager side

  • The property manager can see who paid how much – and the bills that were paid with that income
  • They can generate tenant account statements
  • They can reconcile their paybill accounts
  • They can monitor other rent income collected in cash and bank accounts on one platform
  • They can follow up with late payments offline

Create an account today to get started https://kodisher.com/user/register or Contact us here

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