Perfect Manager: 7 reasons to move your property management to the cloud

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While your tenants enjoy living and making money in your premises, managing the leasing processes should you give you much more joy. We  have a solution that can help you mange your properties and give you your fair share of happiness from your properties.

Is your property information getting lost in a mountain of dust? Are you under pressure to reduce business costs and improve data security? More and more organisations are embracing the benefits of digitizing their management services; replacing old, physical networks of systems and servers with modern, fully reliable property management platform offered by Kodisher.

Are you thinking of doing the same? Here are seven reasons why you should.

1. Reduce cost
While technology changes often incur cost, moving to a hosted solutions actually allows organisations to save money and time by reducing the level of internal resource required for IT infrastructure management. Organisations can access the latest technology without replacing obsolete hardware, and there’s no risk of compromised efficiency through outdated technology. It’s even possible to reduce office space due to minimal IT infrastructure – another vital consideration in this age of austerity.

2. Security
Hosting presents the opportunity to increase security, which is vital for property management companies storing sensitive, confidential data of tenants. Cloud technology services offer organisations secure data backup options, as well as system monitoring and management; patch management; and security audits and updates. Kodisher’s  hosting centre is supplied by a ‘tier 3’ provider with no single point of failure, guaranteed power and 99.9% internet connectivity uptime. Each component has also been reviewed to eliminate all possible weaknesses, with high availability options as standard for the hosting infrastructure, ensuring resilience and redundancy. This includes 3 separate power feeds, dual diverse Internet feeds, high availability, networking infrastructure (firewalling, routing and switching) and high availability server infrastructure that’s not oversubscribed. In simple terms; your data is secure.

3. Integration

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Adopting a hosting approach creates multiple opportunities for integration between your back office systems – and easy integration at that. These opportunities give organisations more time to focus on other areas of the business, as all their previously disparate systems are now taken care of by the solution provider. We can also integrate with M-pesa and you never need to lift a finger. Tenants pay you via m-pesa, Kodisher issues them with receipts and balances their accounts. You sit pretty and the money comes directly to your account. Kodisher is already linked with Mpesa and you can use it to manage tenant accounts, landlord accounts, maintenance management and so much more!

4. Save time and money
When your information is all in one place, it makes it much easier to work. Generate reports, make payments, review what is happening to your tenants.  You only need to click once, where it may previously have taken two or three days to summarize. There’s a significant cost reduction here too, since many organisations often end up employing more people: some to collect and enter information and others (or yourself) to tabulate and report. Kodisher uses intelligent database processes to automate most processing leaving you to spend your time on the most important things.

5. Disaster recovery
Investing in hosting solutions also means investing in data back-up and disaster recovery solutions. This saves time and helps avoid potentially significant up-front investment costs, which can be significant. It also protects your data and systems from the very real IT risks out there: including cyber threats, natural disasters and human error. Using hosting services means your sensitive and business critical data and applications are protected; more so than if they were run via a traditional thick-client model.

6. Partner with technology experts
IT systems can be complicated and challenging to maintain effectively. By partnering with a solution expert you can ensure your provider  ensures maximum benefit from your technology, while reducing internal staff and IT costs for your business. Kodisher employs hosting technology experts and already provides solutions for many proffessional preoperty managers across the East African Region. We can take care of your systems; so you don’t have to.

7. It’s easier than you think
Kodisher will help you all the way. Our onboarding process is second to none and our #fanaticalsupport guarantee assures you that your will have the help you need if you ever need it. While the thought of digitizing all your rental records may seem a daunting challenge, it’s actually a relatively simple process – especially when it comes to migrating to Kodisher systems, which are specifically configured to be easy to use. In reality your experience will be entirely painless, with Kodisher support team and data experts guiding you the whole way. We copy the data, set up the processes, train you on the system, then go-live and give you the best possible support. Simple!

Just two or three of the benefits listed here should be enough to convince many property managers to move their business onto our hosting platform – away from all the expense and security risk of manual documents or  local ICT infrastructure … And it is really easy to get started. If you can identify with four or more then it’s really time to consider moving  your tenant management to Kodisher.

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