New packages, Lower prices, GREAT value!

Kodisher is glad to introduce new property management software user packages and lower prices! We have reviewed our pricing downward to give our customers new discounts

At Kodisher Solutions, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our customer value offering. We love to keep improving our property management system in order to keep our clients satisfied. This includes periodically reviewing our packages and prices.

I am pleased to share that we have introduced changes to the costs and payments system that will save the clients of our property management platform about 50%. We have also improved and automated the payment process. You will be able to manage your account with us more effectively – all from the comfort of your desk. We expect that these changes will improve your overall experience with the Kodisher platform.

As of 1st May 2018, the pricing of the Kodisher property management platform will be based on packages. This will offer our customers lower prices and also a smooth process.  We have developed packages according to volumes (number of units under management) so as to give our customers better alignment with the value they get from Kodisher. The packages are 1-100, 101-200, 201-500, 500-1000 and a custom package for those with 1000+ units. These four packages allow our clients to price themselves and get a maximum return for their investment

Customers with up to a hundred houses now only need to pay two thousand shillings a month (that is about 20 bob a unit per month) to manage them through our comprehensive property platform. Alternatively they can pay annually and get two months free. Customers with up to 200 units will now pay two thousand shillings a month while those with upto 500 units will pay three thousand bob monthly. Payments for the property management software are also available in USD for those paying via credit cards. The payment service is now fully automated.

These new packages will enable our customers make savings of  about 50% going forward. The full details of the price change are available here . We believe that this new packages and pricing not only give you great value, it also reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction.

We are also offering SMS as an added feature. The Kodisher platform allows you to automatically send SMS notifications and reminders to your tenants. Your can also send receipts on SMS. You can add SMS credits to their accounts via the billing page. SMS are 2 bob a piece with a minimum purchase of 250.

To take advantage of these new offers, please log in to your #Kodisher account and go to the Billing page . You will be able to quickly pay for your account via Mpesa and activate it immediately. There is also the option to pay via bank.

Once logged in you can proceed to make your payment by following procedure.
  1. Go here to the billing page
  2. Select packages tab
  3. Choose appropriate package based on the number of houses you manage
  4. Select payment option
  5. Select number of SMSs you want to purchase
  6. Proceed (and follow payment procedure based on the payment option selected)
  7. Account will be updated accordingly

If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to email or call us. Our friendly staff is available during regular business hours and will get you sorted quickly. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me. In the meantime, I thank you again for doing business with us.

We’d also be glad to discuss your specific requirements. Any internal workflows or unique you’d like us to digitize can be done affordably. We are also available to help you migrate your data to Kodisher free.

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