Service charge, water bills, security, garbage and more

As a property manager, you need your tenant accounts to be accurate, all the time. Property management often includes charging rent as well as utility bills to tenants. You need to bill tenants, collect payments and make correct reports and this has to be done properly, on time, every time. Property management professionals need a reliable tool that has easy yet reliable methods to manage billing and monitor payments.  Many property managers use Kodisher because it is a reliable tool for handling utility bills to tenants like service charge, water bills, electricity bills, garbage and more.

Kodisher helps you manage rent payments as well as all other bills that are billed to the tenants easily and efficiently. Kodisher built from the ground to be robust in order to handle different billing and payment configurations. This means that you can configure it to deliver your own unique processes. We have prepared a tutorial below to assist you make the most out of Kodisher tenant billing abilities.

For this we are going to use examples to make it as easy as possible. Kodisher understands that there are two types of bills to tenants:

  1. Fixed recurring bills
  2. Consumption based bills/charges

Say you have an apartment block “Kodisher Highrise” that has unit “A1” that is leased to “Tenant No. 1”.

Set up the lease account:

  1. Create property “Kodisher Highrise”
  2. Create Unit “A1”
  3. Create Tenant “Tenant No. 1”
  4. Create lease of the tenant on the Unit. You can refer here for getting started with Kodisher

When creating a lease, you need to add these bills:

  1. Rent
  2. Other fixed monthly bills such as service charge, garbage and security

Once these are added, they will be billed automatically at the beginning of every month (payment cycle).

However, you will need to manually import usage based bills that vary in the course of the month. There are two ways to do this. You can add bills one by one or in bulk.

  1. The simple way. If you just want to add a few bills it is easiest to open the tenant account and add a bill.
    • To do this, first open the tenant account. (Go to “Tenant Accounts” > “Active leases” and then Click on the name of the tenant you want to bill.)
    • On the tenant account click on “Add Invoice”
    • Add the payment type, description, amount, due date and the other fields as appropriate
    • Click “save”
    • The bill will be added to the tenant account
  2. The bulk import way. If you just want to add bills for many tenants/residents, Kodisher has a special tool specifically for doing that
    • To do this, first go to the billing import page (Go to “Tenant Accounts” > “Bills” > “Import Bills” and then Click on the type of bill you want to import.)
    • For this example we use the water bill ~ so click on it
    • It will open a page like this
    • import bills screenshot
    • Click on the download template for the property you want to bill ~ an excel sheet is downloaded that has columns for tenant details and consumption details
    • —- the next instructions happen on your computer—-
    • You need to update this excel sheet with details on previous readings, current readings, rate you change and use a formula to calculate the bill.
    • You also need to include the reading date in the format MM/DD/YY
    • Save the excel document
    • —- now go back to Kodisher billing page—-
    • Click “Choose file” and select the excel file you just edited
    • Click “Upload”
    • Kodisher will verify the data and present it to you for confirmation
    • Once you are happy with it click “Confirm” and the bills will be added to the tenant accounts

Once your tenants are billed, the new bills show up on their accounts. You can opt to send the bills or have Kodisher to that for you through the tenant’s email address. Bills are settled as payments are recorded. When tenants pay via Mpesa, accounts are settled automatically.

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