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Property Management Software

Kodisher property management software is a complete online solution for property managers and landlords of every size to manage financials, tenants and maintenance. This is our core property management application. It enables our clients to manage end-to end of the property management process and generate extensive reports. Use this system to store all your tenant information, financial transactions and leasing processes. Automatic invoicing, payment processing, Account reconciliation, Mobile money, data import/export and landlord accounts all included. Everything you need to manage your tenants.

With Unlimited Users and Lifetime Support, Kodisher PMS Pricing Works with Any Budget

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Facility Management Software

Everything you need to keep your facility the way it needs to be.

This is available as a standalone application or it can be paired with the property management software. Kodisher is committed to help you co-ordinate operational processes within your organisation so that you can focus on your core business. This innovative product will help you manage your facilities efficiently and help you manage your team and reporing. Our advanced facilities management system incorporates invoicing, asset management, work tracking and everything else you need to provide the best possible environment for your residents. Minimize on expenses and administration load and improve on service delivery to your residents whether they are rent-paying or not.

Facility Management Software
Official receipts and invoices Y
SMS/Email Notifications Y
Property records Y
Approvals and Workflows Y
CSV Data Importing Y
Meter Readings Y
Maintenance Y
Records management Y
Landlord & tenant portals Y
Reporting Y
Advanced lease processing Y
Advanced Maintenance Y
Task management Y
Inventory management Y
Equipment maintenance Y
Preventive maintenance Y
Statutory Licenses Y
Resource and vendor management Y
Inspections Y

All this  at KSh 775 /user/month billed annually. Get started Now.

The service is available in packages of 5,10,20,50 users.

Kodisher Entreprise

Everything you have ever wanted, available now to give you and your tenants, the good life.

Kodisher entreprise is our full-featured integrated PMS and Facilities Management software that brings the best of both worlds.

Property Management Software Facility Management Software Kodisher Enterprise
Tenant Accounts Y Y
Landlord/Agency Accounts Y Y
Landlord Accounts Y Y
Lease monitoring and management Y Y
Late fees Y Y
Vacancy adverts with maps Y Y
Mobile Money payments Y Y
Cash Management Y Y
Official receipts and invoices Y Y Y
SMS/Email Notifications Y Y Y
Property records Y Y Y
Approvals and Workflows Y Y Y
CSV Data Importing Y Y Y
Meter Readings Y Y Y
Maintenance Y Y Y
Records management Y Y Y
Landlord & tenant portals Y Y Y
Reporting Y Y Y
Advanced lease processing Y
Advanced Maintenance Y Y
Task management Y Y
Inventory management Y Y
Equipment maintenance Y Y
Preventive maintenance Y Y
Statutory Licenses Y Y
Resource and vendor management Y Y
Inspections Y Y

Available now with packages beginning from 1,200/month/user billed annually. Get started Now.

* SMS are available at 2 shillings each
* branded SMS names require one-time business name registration for Sh. 10,000