Managing Tenants the Smart Way: The New Tenant Portal from Kodisher

Tenant retention has never been this difficult, especially in this COVID-19 era. Staying competitive has become an uphill task, and it is critical to employ innovative solutions to reduce costs and stay ahead of the pack.

Among the ways that you can distinguish your property is by using technology to improve resident service delivery. It is the small things such as the misplaced receipt or forgotten maintenance request that can have the tenant at wit’s end. An efficient and transparent property management system can make a huge difference and improve your margin.

Tenant work-order logging system
Tenant work-order logging system screenshot – Tenant view

Our property management software adds convenience not only for property managers, but also tenants. The self-service options allow the tenants to pay rent and submit maintenance requests at the comfort of their own home or office. They don’t have to waste time going to the agent or property manager.

tenant account statement page (tenant view)

Kodisher online portal increases transparency for everyone involved. As a property manager, you can log in and access information that is important to you, organised and summarized for your action. The platform also ensures that you don’t miss out on potential renters that are after convenience and that extra service that distinguishes you from the competition.

tenant view - pending payments system
tenant view – pending payments system

How Landlords/ Agents can use Kodisher to Enhance Tenant Service

Incorporating technology into property management makes it more attractive to tenants. The convenience of accessing important information without having to go to the office is always desirable. With Kodisher, the renters can pay their rent, view balances and make maintenance requests.

The Kodisher dashboards have interfaces to view inventory, staff and tasks. The agent can monitor requests, prioritize and assign tasks to the maintenance teams and improve client satisfaction. It is also possible to schedule maintenance with reminders, as well as manage the team working on a particular project.

Kodisher incorporates tools for export and manipulation of data sets for accuracy, convenience and better record keeping. The digital platform cuts down on data duplication, physical file management that can drive you up the wall, and improves access to the right information. This reduces the total time taken by the agent as well as the tenant.

The tenants don’t have to keep reminding the landlords or agents of pending repair works and balances, among others. As such, Kodisher improves their experience – of course, tenants couldn’t ask for more. The automatic maintenance reminders ensure the machines and equipment are operational to avoid inconveniencing the tenants.

The user interface is smooth and does not have a steep learning curve. Your tenants will take to it like a fish in water for lack of better words. The straight-forward structure where the user enjoys some limited access rights provides traceability and accountability. It is a guarantee that the records are accurate and not tampered by unauthorized individuals.

Apart from efficiency, transparency is at the core of successful property management. Kodisher keeps the records up-to-date and generates reports in unlimited ways. Your tenants can get the information they need – such as payment records – accurately and on time, thus reducing any possible disagreements.

For reporting requirements and company audit, the system can generate printable job cards in a suitable format. Transparency and efficiency go hand in hand and are an important foundation in award-winning service delivery.

How to Set up the Tenant Portal

  1. New landlords or property managers have to register a new account at the top of the Kodisher page. The landlord will be required to provide details such as first and last name, email address, and phone number.
  2. You will be able to access the dashboard after the account is up and running. Click on add/ import tenant and provide the necessary details.
  3. Make sure the tenant provides accurate email before clicking on “save tenant” at the bottom right corner.

    tenant account details
    Tenant account management screenshot
  4. You can then proceed to assign a house and contact person details on the next page.

How to Access the Tenant Portal

Tenant homepage after log in
  1. Tenants will only be able to access the tenant portal after the landlord or agent sets it up.
  2. The tenant will need to go to the public site and visit the Kodisher website. They will need to click on “Tenants” link on the farthest top right-hand corner.
  3. They will be prompted to enter their email, and a code is sent to their email. The tenant can then log in and access the necessary information such as payment history, make maintenance requests, print receipts and so on.

You can contact our sales team on [email protected] or contact us here on how to bring your tenants onboard kodisher.