Kodisher Property and Facility Management Software Features

Getting started with Kodisher is easy. Working with it after set up is even easier. So let this be a simple introduction to doing the easy thing. Kodisher has three packages of productivity products that support property and facility managers save time and improve their efficiencies. Kodisher helps you to manage money, data,  improve processes and efficiency.

We have affordable packages starting from as low as Ksh 29,500 annually that you can pay conveniently through Mpesa. This package enables you to manage upto 100 rental units. You can manage more rental units for slightly more.

You can enjoy the trial for 15 days then upgrade to the full service. The Technology we are using is very reliable and expect all our users to have a great experience. There is a quick tutorial on getting started here. *All prices in KSh. Our complete pricing guide is available here.

A brief overview of Kodisher property and facility management software product features:

Property Management Software Facility Management Software Kodisher Enterprise Software
Tenant Accounts Y Y
Landlord/Agency Accounts Y Y
Lease monitoring and management Y Y
Late fees Y Y
Vacancy adverts with maps Y Y
Mobile Money payments Y Y
Cash Management Y Y
Official receipts and invoices Y Y Y
SMS/Email Notifications Y Y Y
Property records Y Y Y
Approvals and Workflows Y Y Y
CSV Data Importing Y Y Y
Meter Readings Y Y Y
Maintenance Y Y Y
Records management Y Y Y
Landlord & tenant portals Y Y Y
Reporting Y Y Y
Advanced lease processing Y Y
Advanced Maintenance Y Y
Task management Y Y
Inventory management Y Y
Equipment maintenance Y Y
Preventive maintenance Y Y
Statutory Licenses Y Y
Resource and vendor management Y Y
Inspections Y Y

Get started today with Kodisher for your property and facility management.