Maintanance management

Kodisher’s powerful maintenance management tools eliminate paperwork, improve tenant experience, shorten response times, and automate tasks.

Manage maintenance tasks

Residents, owners, or employees can submit requests, and attach  documents, and images. the property manager gets notified, they assign and monitor the work Order and get status updates from phone, tablet or desktop. A visual workflow lets you know the status of any work order at any time

Approval workflow

screenshot of repair jobs payments showing workflow status
screenshot of repair jobs payments showing workflow status

The system offers an easy process to create and approve repairs. Where cost controllers need to approve before payments can be made, they can log in an approve for mobile or any connected computer keeping your processes streamlined

Schedule recurring items

With the facilities management module, you can schedule recurring tasks. Some property management maintenance tasks, like fire inspections, need to be performed on a regular schedule. Mark them as “recurring items” on your maintenance list to stay on top of them and keep vendors in the loop. The Facilities management system will send you notifications and reminders.

Track vendor efficiency

You can generate and share performance analytics, so work orders can be assigned to the most cost-efficient service providers. it also helps you identify and resolve recurring problems in you properties

Pay your vendors

Maintenance tracking is fully integrated with approvals and accounting. Vendor bills and expenses can be tracked and paid within the system, so you’ll never need to enter any data twice.

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