Landlord Accounts

Keeping your finances in order is easier using Kodisher property management software
Keeping your finances in order

As a property manager, managing landlords means that you are responsible for handling their rental properties. In Kenya, different landlords have different properties with each possessing unique features. Some of the types of rental properties available for management in Kenya include residential apartments, villas, cottages, and studios. Thus, as a property manager, you can oversee a single unit or numerous properties depending on the number of landlords you manage.

Managing your landlords means that you are also responsible for their finances. When it comes to rental properties, it is very important for you to have a very reliable accounting system which will accord all payments to your respective landlords. Managing your finances will play a crucial role in preventing problems that would hamper the relationship with your landlords.

managing landlord accounts landing page
managing landlord accounts landing page

The most effective method of managing income generated from your landlords’ properties is by using software capable of tracking your finances especially if you manage more than one property. Spreadsheets such as Excel provide and a good platform for calculating expenses and gross income. However, using such tools becomes ineffective to manage several properties owing to the number of tenants.  Using a reliable platform such as kodisher keeps all your data linked up, your accounts up-to-date and your landlords happy.

summary report page for all payment Vouchers for landlords showing current state of voucher

One of the benefits of using Kodisher is that the software is designed to allow efficient management of your landlords’ rental transactions. Subsequently, it makes it easy to track all payments and deductibles from tenants with zero errors. Also, the system creates automated payments that are credited to your landlords’ accounts. This ensures that your landlords never miss returns from their investments. Payments are tracked using vouchers, journal entries and account statements.

We have detailed tutorial on managing landlords. How to Manage landlords like a Pro – Part One and How to Manage landlords like a Pro – Part Two have detailed instructions to get you started.

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