Kodisher Facilities Management

Kodisher Facility management software enables the property/facility manager to manage reporting, monitoring and payments necessary to give residents the best possible experiences while meeting statutory requirements.

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring all your tenant and facility data in one place? All your payments, repairs, an approval workflow, automatic invoicing and of course your reporting to landlord/s! It is nice and is POSSIBLE NOW with the updated Kodisher property and facility management software.

Whether you manage a commercial tower, a mall, a hospital or even a school, there are things you do every day to make the space habitable and comfortable for the people who live there. You need to do these things to keep the facility as a safe and attractive living and working space. There are also legal and statutory inspections and payments required of you. They all need to be planned and executed by a myriad of service providers. You will need to handle processes, documentation and payments. A good facility management solution integrates seamlessly with your property management software generating reminders, scheduling payments, reporting on ongoing works, monitoring repairs and doing everything else necessary to make your facility management processes efficient.

facility management workflow and relations between suppliers, tenants and landlords all cordinated by the property/facility manager
Kodisher facility management relations between suppliers, tenants and landlords all coordinated by the property/facility manager


  • ADVANCED Workorders management
  • Manage suppliers and rate their performance
  • Manage supplies and spares

Document processing

  • Detailed workflow for Lease document processing
  • Access all document versions
  • Linked to tasks for assignment to team member for action


  • Allocate Tasks to your staff members
  • View status
  • Link tasks to workorders


  • Asset management
  • Allocate to tenant/residents
  • Inventory management


  • Inspections are scheduled
  • Inspection reports hosted online
  • Automatic reminders


  • Integrated invoicing, billing and reporting
  • Choose to invoice the landlord or tenant for ever work order
  • export reports to Microsoft Excel

Kodisher is committed to help you co-ordinate all business functions within your business or organization so that you can focus on your core business. To this effect, we are offering an innovative product which will help you manage your facilities with efficiency and effectiveness. Our advanced facilities management system incorporates invoicing, reporting and tracking. This will enable you minimize on expenses and administration load and at the same time, improve on service delivery.

Scenarios for using a Facilities Management System

This facilities management system helps you make your living and working space clean, safe, profitable and sustainable. We have already developed complete modules to support these setups:

  1. The Corporate Environment
  2. Neighborhood community / Residential associations
  3. Religious facilities
  4. Sports and gaming
  5. Industries and factories
  6. Real Estate Sector
  7. Health Institutions
  8. Schools

Our company has developed an exciting solution for facility managers of every size. We have created a solution where you will see which licenses/permits are due for renewal, a workflow for paying your service providers, planning maintenance inspections, cleaning, garbage, and managing repair work orders. All this of course presented in the standard Kodisher easy-to-use interface and advanced reporting capabilities. All this integrated with the resident/tenant billings and accounts. Its also seamlessly linked up with the landlord/s you manage for and your reporting to them.

facility management dashboard screenshot
facility management dashboard screenshot

If you would like to share your experiences and see how our Facility Management application can help you keep your building/s in great shape please contact us here or shoot us an email at solomon [a] kodisher.com and someone from our team will get back to your asap.