How to get started using Kodisher Property Management Software

Getting started with Kodisher is easy. Working with it after set up is even easier. So let this be a simple introduction to doing the easy thing.

Kodisher is an online tool to help you manage rental properties. It is designed to work for both property agencies and direct landlords. You will use the system to store all your tenant information. This includes, their names, contact information, next of kin and ways to reach them. You will also use Kodisher to manage the financials. Through this system you will record all income from the tenants. You will also be able to record the bank account or mobile money channel that they paid you through and reconcile these accounts with actual data from your bank. The system is able to generate monthly invoices automatically for rent and also extra costs such as service charges, electricity, security and any others. You will be able to set up kodisher to meet the financial arrangement with each of your tenants.

The system is designed to make your work easier by organizing your property information.

First you need to create an account

  1. Start by creating a new account here (
  2. You will receive an email with an activation link
  3. open the email you registered with and your account is now ACTIVE!

*IF you do not receive an activation link email in your inbox, please check the SPAM folder as emails are sometimes sent there.

**IF you had created an account but can’t remember the password, you can retrieve it here

You can reach our support team at anytime if you get stuck.

We have affordable packages starting from as low as Ksh 1,000 a month (10,000 annually) that you can pay conveniently through Mpesa. This package enables you to manage upto 100 rental units. You can manage more rental units for slightly more.

You can enjoy the trial for 15 days then upgrade to the full service. The Technology we are using is very reliable and expect all our users to have a great experience. There is a quick tutorial on getting started here.

We have affordable packages starting from as low as Ksh 1,000 a month (10,000 annually) that you can pay conveniently through Mpesa. This package enables you to manage upto 100 rental units. You can manage more rental units for slightly more.

No. of units1-100101-250251-500501-10001000+
Annual Licence29,50044,50099,500199,000contact us

*All prices in KSh. Our complete pricing guide is available here.

Then you can add Tenants.

Importing tenants manually

You are able to manage you properties easily. Go to “Manage” > “Properties”. There, you can add a new property and inside each property, you can have several units. In our understanding a property is an estate or an apartment building … or a mall! A Unit could be a flat, a maisonette or a three floors for a supermarket. A unit is then offered on lease to a single tenant.

The “Manage” > “Properties” page shows you a list of the properties you have added, the no. of occupied and unoccupied units for each.

After adding units, you can then add a tenant for any  of them. Go to “Manage” > “Tenants” and you will be able to add new tenants.  Once you have added a tenant you can assign them a house, receive and receipt a deposit. The house you have assigned them will now appear as occupied and have an account statement.

Importing tenants Automatically.

There is a better way. We have developed the perfect  way to get you on the fast lane. While you can still add properties, units and tenants through the manual interface as above, the easiest way to jumpstart your use of Kodisher is to import your current tenants is to import a csv. This quick process will add your properties, units, tenants (and their contact info.), opening balance for each lease and of course lease data ALL IN ONE GO!

This works in four simple steps:

  1. Go here
  2. Download the Sample csv file
  3. Update the sample file with details of the houses and tenants leasing them
  4. Upload the file on the same page.
  5. You will be able to review the information on that page before it is entered into Kodisher
  6. Click Confirm.

This will create the houses, the tenants and initiate leases on the system. You can then customize any of the details as necessary. From there you can start managing your rental properties, recording payments, generating reports and making things easy.

Manage Tenant Accounts

Kodisher is built on three pillars; Tenants, Rental units and leases. Once you allocate a tenant to a unit, a lease is created. The lease is like a  bank account. every month the tenant is invoiced for rent and other service charges. Once the tenant pays, the account is settled. Kodisher manages this like a ledger so that all payments and invoices are balanced. The system is set to automatically bill for standard fees. Charges that change monthly can be entered manually as soon as they are determined.

Full details for managing tenant accounts is available on this blog post.

The next tutorial will cover financials.

You can test Kodisher FREE for 15 days starting today to see how this tool helps you to manage your properties.

If you get stuck, or need help along the way, please reply to this blog post and someone from our team will assist you.