Running your factory maintenance on Kodisher Maintenance Management Software

Kodisher Maintenance Management Software continues to provide valuable maintenance and management efficiency for maintenance managers of all kinds – including factories managers.

Running a factory is detailed and time consuming work. A manager has to strictly supervise safety and hygiene standards on the factory floor, personally ensure the raw materials are of the highest quality and within the budget, manage the workflow of orders and deliveries, approve packaging, ensure transport to the market is efficient and timely and a thousand other duties. In the middle of this factory operators need a good Maintenance Management Software that helps them monitor management schedules, equipment up-time, maintenance inventory and staff.

Kodisher understands this and has developed good maintenance management software that helps factory operators make their factory maintenance processes faster and more efficient. It allows the maintenance manager to utilize the workspace maximally and efficiently for maximum return on investment.

Kodisher maintenance management software is user friendly. It can easily be used by IT novices and Kodisher also provides demos you get you going faster. Our technicians can also include training in your package if requested. It introduces a streamlined process for handling maintenance requests, assigning them to maintenance staff, allocating necessary inventory and monitoring their closure.

Physical records can get misplaced, lost or destroyed. They also require a lot of storage space and incur filing and paper costs. Digital records such as Kodisher are safer as they also provide evidence and maintenance history in case a problem arises. Security is also guaranteed with Kodisher. There are different levels of access for different users so you can safely delegate without worrying about anyone getting access to unauthorized information and keeping the safety of your residents. The system keeps a record of the time, location and identity of all users.

As with other Kodisher products, each user has their own unique login account where they can It can easily be used by multiple users with minimal training. supervisors are able to plan staff and equipment and a have a high level view of ongoing maintenance requests to facilitate intervention in outstanding tasks.

Factories receive a lot of maintenance requests from diverse departments and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Businesses are built on being reliable and efficient. Kodisher can help with this as our software logs all requests and their metadata which can be analysed later. It is an indispensable tool for prioritizing tasks monitoring and managing them as they join the queue.

The Kodisher maintenance management software can also manage inventory and can link to ERP such as Navision, SAP or Tally. This makes business processes streamlined and easier since data is centralized in one place and information can be shared across departments to keep track of all components of the business. It also saves costs as less staff is needed to reconcile maintenance costs of the factory.

The software is modular structured so that its easy to use yet able to generate detailed actionable maintenance reports. also creates tasks to service the requests. Delegation creates accountability and a facility manager is able to supervise a maintenance task from beginning to request resolution. You can also customize the interface to make it more useful for your particular needs.

  1. Each task starts either as a automated trigger or as a request. This could be a staffer through the Kodisher tenant portal OR staff through the maintenance management interface
  2. The facility manager then assigns the task to a maintenance team member > The staffer receives a notification that a task has been assigned to them
  3. If necessary the Maintenance team member collects inventory necessary to complete the task
  4. The task is then completed and indicate it has been completed on the system.
  5. The manager will then receive an email notification on task closure.
  6. The system generates automatic maintenance reminders which are then allocated to a supervisor and engineer.

The machine’s service history can be generated by the system allowing the supervisor to go back on the history of a task from initiation to completion. It can generate reports on staff and request resolution. It provides evidence and back up in case of future problems. Tasks can be done in a timely manner way before deadlines, allowing for detailed planning of time resource.

Lastly, the Kodisher maintenance management software helps you prioritise your tasks, plan and schedule your staff assets and keep track of your tasks by  printing out job cards as PDF.

This system is indispensable to factories as it ensures a cost-effective, efficient and pro active system of operation that keeps records. It will help you keep your factory in optimum condition while remaining compliant with government and council regulations. It will ensure your workspace is being maximized at all times for maximum return on investment. The regular updates on maintenance will cut down on maintenance costs as problems will be detected and resolved before they snowball. The interface can be configured to meet your goals and needs. Our customer service prides itself in its quick response time in case modifications are needed. Operations can be centralised for efficiency as the system can be linked to ERP. The system is also intuitive and so helps in scheduling the most important tasks first. Our reporting and analytics tools ensure you are never caught unawares and minimize downtime.

The Kodisher Enterprise Software combines The Kodisher Property Management Software and The Kodisher Maintenance Management Software to make your life easier. The Maintenance Management Software can be purchased as a stand alone. You are highly welcome to consult us on a package for your particular needs.

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