Advertise your vacant properties FREE on Kodisher

As an efficient property manager, you need to make sure that when space vacancies occur, they are quickly filled. Kodisher has now made it much easier to share your vacant units online to potential tenants. Advertising your rental online is a cost-effective way to reach a large number of potential tenants. Kodisher’s online property search facility is FREE and exclusive to our clients.

When you add enough details including captivating photos it helps make your property attractive and tenants are able to make a decision faster. Our tool is also safe and your details will never be shared online. Tenants who like your property will be able to inbox you directly.

If you go to this page: You will see a searchable page with different vacant houses and a link to book (message goes directly to the property managers account).

The best part though is that you can also share your vacancies on social media directly and it can travel online to facebook groups, whatsapp groups and so on. This will help you to land you your next tenant sooner than later.

This process is absolutely simple

Step 1: Load your units onto Kodisher

This one is really easy. Log in to Kodisher, and create your property and Unit details. The property is the building where the rental unit is located. Read this post to get you started.

To add images, go to “Manage” > “Properties” > Select the Property > Open the “Images” tab.

You also need to add a map location as it helps tenant look for units in specific locations according to their residential preferences. To do that go to: “Properties” > Select the property you want > “Edit”. Move the red pointer on the map field to the exact location where your property is. You can expand the map or zoom in as necessary. Click Save.

That’s it!

Step 2: Set to show when vacant

“Manage” > “Properties” > Select the Property > Open the “Vacant Units” Tab > On the status column click “Advertise”. If you want an advertised unit to stop showing, click the “Remove advert” button. Units also stop showing once they are allocated to a tenant.

You can also preview the advert by clicking on the preview button. That is it!  Submitted requests will come to : “Tenant Accounts” > “New Tenant Requests” for your action.

After that, your unit is available to all at

Be sure to share it in your social media channels with be buttons on the page: Whatsapp + Facebook and Twitter are included though you can share the link to any social media page.

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