Introducing Kodisher Facilities Management Software

Are you a facility Manager looking to carry out your facility maintenance services efficiently? Then Kodisher Facility Management Software is what you need. The software package has useful resources for all participants in the maintenance process. It has dashboards, data and interfaces for staff, managers and residents to monitor requests, tasks, staff and inventory. It empowers your team to improve client satisfaction at all times, resulting in efficiency, time savings and a better bottom-line.

Digitize service requests that come to your team, create tasks and allocate them easily to your maintenance staff now with Kodisher Facilities management software. It even schedules regular maintenance tasks for your equipment and sends your reminders. Monitor your licenses or permits, manage your team and so much more:

  1. It is easy to use

With simple screens, smooth workflows and straightforward processes, this software is designed to be a time saver and user friendly. It is built to be comprehensive yet straightforward. We worked with established facility managers and maintenance engineers to design user interfaces that easy to use, smooth workflows and standardized processes.

  1. Comprehensive records

Kodisher captures complete data sets that can be used in different ways. It also provides tools to export most datasets for further manipulation. Keeping physical records could be tedious (and dusty), but with our software, record keeping has been migrated to a reliable digital platform. This means that filling and archiving activities move from shelves to screens and data becomes an asset that that works for your organization.

When the entire service history of your equipment is available at the click of a button, you are better placed to monitor it … and the consumables you use to keep it running.

  1. Automation of activities and reporting

Reports can easily be generated anytime needed and can be used in unlimited ways and reports are always upto date. Maintenance requests from staff, tenants or residents can properly be handled with a record maintained for future reference should the need arise. Monitor how well you resolve requests, which staff work fastest and which equipment works best accurately with this software. Generate printable Job cards as PDF to fit your company audit or reporting requirements.

The system also generates automatic maintenance reminders to ensure all machines are maintained and kept running. This goes through a workflow to supervisor and Engineer all of who will have access to the machines’ service history. This way, your machines remain in serviceable state longer.

  1. Roles and Permissions for different users

Each user has a limited access to only his/ her authorized access. This ensures there is no unauthorized access because you have control each users access rights. Each user is confined to his/ her area as required according to their roles. This straightforward structure for carrying out tasks provides accountability and trace-ability that are vital in the modern manufacturing environment. It also guarantees that records are accurate and cannot be altered by unauthorized persons.

  1. Manage your team

Tasks are easily and conveniently assigned to members of the staff who then follows a protocol in executing them. That is, a request comes in, a task is automatically created, the task is then allocated to a member of the maintenance team who then carries out the task and upon completion, the staff member closes it. Upon closure, there is an email notification on the closure of the task for easy follow up.

The supervisor always know which requests/tasks are outstanding and who is working on what. They therefore know IF AND WHEN an intervention is needed. This data can also be used to identify chokepoints in manufacturing functions.

  1. Integrated management

All management processes, including inventory are integrated. Kodisher can integrate with your ERP or HR systems for data sourcing or reporting. This avoids repetition and ensures many maintenance functions are carried out efficiently with complementary technology. Kodisher facility management software is also seamlessly integrated with our property management solution.

For example, you can carry out procurement within the ERP for lubricating oil and then requisition 5 liters of that oil to a technician to service a machine. Kodisher will show when the machine service was scheduled, when it was allocated, if it was reallocated, the requisition made and of course the report when the service was done. The service task will also go the second and third level for review if necessary. Sounds good?

This is just a little preview of how it works, you need to see it live in action. So contact us today and we’ll arrange a demo to show you what this facilities management software has for you.

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