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How can using a Facilities Management System help you to be a better property manager?

Building Maintenance Checklists and facilities management
Building Maintenance Checklists and facilities management

Whether you manage a commercial tower, or a mall, or even a hospital, there are things you do every day to make the space habitable and comfortable for the people who live there. You need to do these things to keep the facility as a safe and attractive living and working space. Some of these requirements are statutory and others are optional. They all need to be planned and executed by a myriad of service providers. You will need to handle processes, documentation and payments and we hope you already know that Kodisher is the best as organizing these. A good facility management solution integrates seamlessly with your property management software.

Facilities management is a practice that involves the managing and maintenance of facilities and support services within an organization to facilitate with the aim of improving productivity.  Some of the facilities include the organization’s physical resources, corporate space and assets, operations and subcontract services. In recent years, facilities management has gained importance in Kenya owing to the growing need for effective and efficient management of complex organizational functions.

Kodisher is committed to help you co-ordinate all business functions within your business or organization so that you can focus on your core business. To this effect, we are offering an innovative product which will help you manage your facilities with efficiency and effectiveness. Our advanced facilities management system incorporates invoicing, reporting and tracking. This will enable you minimize on expenses and administration load and at the same time, improve on service delivery.   

Why is a Facilities Management System Important?

Strategic planning is essential to any facility because of its role in enhancing the managerial process. Therefore, facility managers should spend more time on strategic planning. This requires the intervention of a facilities management system which will allow managers to perform regular assessments and also oversee and track the organization’s or business utilities and property.  Since the primary goal of any business is to reduce costs, increase return on investment (ROI) and also improve productivity, the significance of an effective facilities management process cannot be ignored. Moreover, it should encompass all the critical business aspects and their roles to enhance strategic planning. Subsequently, this will enable your organization or business to achieve its core objectives.

Scenarios for using a Facilities Management System

The main function of a facilities management system is to integrate all the processes within an organization with the aim of supporting and refining the efficiency of its primary activities. Here are some scenarios which the system will be valuable to your business or organization:

  1. The Corporate Environment

    • managing space allocations
    • Fleet management and courier services
    • Allocation of space and business assets
    • Management of both hard and soft service providers
    • Facilitating enhanced core-business delivery
    • Managing business units and centers
    • Operational control
    • statutory inspections
  2. Real Estate Sector

    • Management of both hard and soft service providers
    • Co-ordination of procurement services
    • Tracking service delivery
    • Managing maintenance, testing and inspection schedules
    • Operational control of the internal environment e.g. staff, offices, meeting rooms
  3. Health Institutions
    • Tracking and allocation of critical assets and medical equipment
    • Facilitating hospital accreditation through compliance of health standards
    • Improve energy efficiency and waste management
    • Co-ordination of hard and soft service providers
    • Tracking service delivery
    • Management of personnel such as cleaners and security
  4. Schools
    • Management and maintenance services in boarding facilities
    • Organization of programmes in the school calendar
    • Management of school facilities in various departments e.g. games, agriculture, kitchen
    • Management of both hard and soft service providers
    • Management of school staff and security personnel
    • Inventory management

Our company has developed an exciting solution for facility managers of every size. We have created a solution where you will see which licenses/permits are due for renewal, a workflow for paying your service providers, planning maintenance inspections, cleaning, garbage, and managing repair work orders. All this of course presented in the standard Kodisher easy-to-use interface and advanced reporting capabilities. All this integrated with the resident/tenant billings and accounts. Its also seamlessly linked up with the landlord/s you manage for and your reporting to them.

facility management dashboard screenshot
facility management dashboard screenshot

If you would like to share your experiences and see how our Facility Management application can help you keep your building/s in great shape please comment below or Contact us and someone from our team will get back to your asap.

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