Managing a Residential Association: why Choose Kodisher

The goal of the residential association is to make the neighborhood a safe and comfortable environment for the residents. It is a social safety net that brings together neighbors to plan and act on how best to manage their estate. This may include services such as cleaning, garbage collection, security and control of members’ construction approvals.

Purchasing a single-family unit house or an apartment automatically makes you a member of the residents’ association. It becomes your obligation to pay fees to cover for security, shared services, and common areas. A good residential association creates a safe and comfortable living and working space for you.

Proper record-keeping is at the heart of every good association, especially when it comes to payment of fees. It can make or break the association. Kodisher, on its part, automates record keeping of collections from members as well as expenses. It streamlines reporting and enhances accountability.

Residential associations are important setups that provide care and support in many residential estates. But how can such an association incorporate technology in the management of association member accounts?

However, the residential association needs to run effectively before it can achieve it’s members’ objectives.

For example, occasional property improvements and property maintenance require collection of fees and fines from members that are used to pay service providers. The traditional method of keeping property management records on physical files is not entirely efficient, and it may keep some of the core group members out on the loop leading to potential disagreements.

Kodisher improves the management of associations’ accounts so that you can focus on making necessary decisions that make your community better.

Here is how Kodisher can help.

Convenience in Management

The interests in a residential association are no doubt diverse. An enabling mechanism is, therefore, essential to ensure the association meets the members objectives. Such a tool empowers the efforts of organizations, households, and individuals so that they contribute to the development of the residential neighborhood.

A convenient system for the management of association accounts comes in handy. It also empowers service delivery and development to be more inclusive and enhances accountability of leaders of residential associations.

Kodisher facility management software allows the appointed person of the core members to manage reporting, payments, and monitoring. The convenience gives the association members the best experience while also keeping up with statutory requirements for county governments, public health and sanitation and so forth.

All repairs, payments, invoicing and reporting are all in the same place and managed through an approval workflow. The appointed leaders among members no longer have to spend sleepless nights managing and generating reports, and everyone can access the information they should when they need to.

The easy-to-use Kodisher interface is convenient and fun to use. The advanced reporting capabilities enhance the efficiency and accountability of the residents’ association.

Easier Payments

Every residential association works towards a safe, comfortable, and attractive neighborhood and collects funds from members to facilitate this. Kodisher makes statutory and legal payments easier. The processing and handling of payments for a myriad of services is a easy, and fraud is prevented.

 Kodisher property management software fills up the gap with easier handling of payments. the facilities solutions helps residential association keeps tabs on maintenance requests, inventory and activities of the maintenance team. Kodisher also has a members’ portal where individuals can access their own accounts online and reconcile their payments accurately at the touch of a button.

With the system, it is easier to determine which payments are due, and you can make effective scheduling. Security, garbage collection, water supply, and youth programs are some of the basic services best handled by a residential assocual. The residential association as a vehicle for better service delivery is more effective with Kodisher property management software.

On the other hand, crucial information such as how much every member should pay or has already paid is more readily available.

The integrated billing and invoicing is transparent and easy to use. Kodisher takes convenience to another level with the integration of M-Pesa. As such, members can make payments and reconcile accounts without a problem. It is now not necessary to go up and down the block, knocking on the doors and taking cash collections with a list. Members also get immediate notifications immediately their payments go through.

Technology is here to make your work more comfortable and convenient, and that is precisely what you get with Kodisher. All that the members need to do is deposit to their M-Pesa accounts and make payments wherever they may be.

Effortless Reporting

As a new member, you may request a history of fees paid together with the association’s bylaws to determine how they have increased over time. In the absence of an effective records system, getting such a report may be an uphill task, and therefore trust can suffer.

No doubt, residential associations will change over time to respond to the needs of the neighborhood. Effective reporting and accountability allow for quicker decision making and response to the needs of members.

For example, you can see which permits or licenses are due for payment and generate reports for discussion with other members. It is also easier to deal with service providers because the association is up to date with what is owed. You can then make the needed arrangements to ensure the continuity of services that improve the neighborhood.

The reporting and tracking functionality allows the association to be a bit thrifty when it comes to administration expenses. Such savings and timely reports improve service delivery, and the goal of making the neighborhood a mini-heaven becomes a reality.

Of course, such services as garbage collection, maintenance, inspection and repair works are not always easy to keep up with. There is a lot of bookkeeping to handle if you don’t have an active residential association management system.


An effective system for payment, invoicing, and reporting is vital for transparency. New members will easily buy into such a system. Kodisher integrates with the M-Pesa mobile platform for convenient payment of fees.

Living in a planned development, governed by a residential association, is a bowl of mixed blessings. It allows for some exchange of control over your residence for the benefit of shared security, maintenance, and amenities. Kodisher facility management software makes the running of residential association accounts, a simple exercise. Creating an account on the online platform is secure and easy. Kodisher also gives you the convenient option of collecting members’ fees through the M-Pesa paybill account or bank account.

So, what are you waiting for? Welcome aboard!