Serving tenants differently

As a  property manager, you understand that your management is your business, and you definitely want to make a profit out of it. However, this comes in handy with good treatment of your tenants, who are of course your customers.

Many property owners fail to realize the need for good customer service, and that does nothing but negatively impact the business. As a matter of fact, how you treat your tenants often determines the success or failure of your business. As a rental property owner, there is a need to build a good relationship with your tenants and ensure their needs are met. This, in turn, will ensure happy tenants, who are more than willing to extend their leases.

To be able to deliver quality service to tenants, you first need to understand your tenants well. That entails knowing the type of tenants available. Grab your notebook, let us discuss.

The first type of tenants is called tenants for years. In this type of agreement, tenancy runs for a specifically defined time. The agreement is automatically terminated at the end of the lease period without any notice by the landlord or tenant. The agreement is put in writing and the rate set.

The second type is periodic tenants. In this type of agreement, a specific lease period is defined and set by the property manager and the tenant. There is no specific date for termination of the lease. Where the need is, a notice to vacate the property is required. The lease is subject to renewal unless there is need not to by either of the parties.

Tenants at will are the third type. In this type of agreement, tenancy exists at the absolute will of both the owner and the tenant and is in effect until either of them gives a notice of termination. This agreement is not put into writing.

The fourth type of tenancy is Tenancy at sufferance. This is a circumstantial type of agreement. It is often not created intentionally. It comes into effect when the tenant fails to move out despite the lease expiring.

So now that we understand the available types of tenancies, let us now figure out some of the ways in which the owners can best serve them. These best practices are meant to help create a good relationship between the owner and the tenants, giving them a good customer experience.

  1. Security of the lease

As a property owner, protect your tenants from unlawful termination of the lease. If you have to terminate the lease, be sure to follow proper channels to do so, including issuing a prior notice and having a good reason to do so. Your tenants need to have that sense of security; it is your responsibility to ensure they do. Kodisher provides the tools to monitor tenant leases and updates you on upcoming renewals in good time.

  1. Offer incentives

You could offer incentives such as dedicated parking slots and grace periods to loyal tenants and in cases of referrals. Customers love incentives, and tenants are not any different. This not only ensures loyalty but also encourage longer lease terms.

  1. Perform property maintenance

Be proactive with your property maintenance. Your tenant needs it, your building needs it and you need it. Don’t wait for tenants to complain. Perform regular checks and act in good time. A small repair now will save you big repairs later. This will help keep your property in good shape for a longer period of time and you also will avoid accidents related to poor maintenance.

  1. Understand the needs of tenants and deliver.

Understanding the needs of diverse tenants enables you to know how to best serve them. Such things as security, location, availability of facilities around such as hospitals are what most customers want. Others love a private and quiet environment. The bottom line is; understand what your tenants want and deliver just that.

Kodisher empowers property owners by providing them a software package that helps deliver best to tenants. The software comes with useful resources for both tenants and owners. Such tools as proper monitoring tools, and processing of requests. The software package even enables easy property maintenance. That is why I recommend Kodisher Property Management software. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us arrange a demo for you.

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